Services for Agents

Agent Resource Center (ARC)

The Agent Resource Center (ARC) is fully equipped with a training room, 2 experienced trainers, courteous staff, and all the supplies that are required to market our products.

Agent Resource Portal


A vital lifeline that has been provided to our Agents to give them the tools they need to care for our clients. Agents can depend on this portal to order supplies, get information about upcoming brands, regulations and services they can provide to our clients.



Our Certifications team takes extra measures to ensure that our agents have met all necessary requirements to be certified to sell! From providing our agents with instructions on how to complete their online trainings and following up until their completion date, our certifications team ensures that every step is taken to follow state guidelines.



Our Commissions team works diligently to ensure that our agents are paid accordingly, ready to answer any questions or concerns that you may have regarding commission payments, chargebacks, or lost commissions from the various carriers that we work with.



In this challenging health care environment, staying compliant is mandatory. Our dedicated team of Compliance professionals are here to handle any complex health care questions that our agents come across. They keep up with the latest state guidelines and keep our agents informed and compliant with our many carrier’s policies and procedures.



Our contracting team ensures that all contracts with our hundreds of health and life insurance carriers are executed in a timely fashion. Teamed with our certifications group, we get you contracted and writing promptly! On board with the best! Join our team today!



Our team of creative professionals provides you with the best marketing materials that today’s market offers! From business cards to personalized flyers we take excellent care of our agents to ensure that we provide high quality products! With great prices and excellent customer service our team goes above and beyond to keep our agents happy!



Our supplies team is well equipped with everything an agent needs to write their business! We are well stocked with all major health plan information. From flyers to health information booklets, we will have you prepared to write your clients!



Fischer Services holds live trainings throughout the year to keep our Agents informed and at the top of their game. We have 2 certified training instructors on site. We hold many trainings and webinars to cover many topics such as:

  • Medicare 101
  • SEP Training
  • ACA Training
  • Low Income Subsidy
  • Product Specific Training
  • Many Other Topics

We also have many presentations available on our Agent Portal to keep our Agents current on the latest in Health Insurance