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Join the Fischer Services Team to Experience Success


For more than two decades, Fischer Services has been a leader in the individual health insurance market. From Obamacare to Medicare, there is no other agency with more experience than Fischer Services.


Over the past two years, Fischer Services has processed $100 million in annualized premium and $7 million in agent commission on ACA/Obamacare plans alone.  Every year, our agents are among the most successful of any Florida agents.


Our team is passionate about ensuring the success of our agents. From providing full-service processing to live training to the best-in-class technology, Fischer Services is here to help you.


Our team works with many top industry and healthcare leaders through program partnerships in order to provide our agents with competitive advantages that other agents can only wish they had the chance to experience.

How to Work with Fischer Services

Become a Licensed Insurance Agent

Fischer Services provides you with the guidance to become a licensed health insurance agent. Fischer Services will help you get appointed, become certified and will train you on all aspects of enrolling and servicing your ACA/Obamacare clients to increase your income.

Fischer Services gave me a financial opportunity that literally changed my life! – Luz A.

Align with Fischer Services

Fischer Services provides existing agents with all of the tools necessary to provide ACA/Obamacare enrollment assistance to your tax clients. By offering your clients the most affordable ACA/Obamacare plans along with the highest available subsidy, tax professionals can earn monthly lifelong commissions.

By affiliating with Fischer Services I now make more from my health insurance commissions than I do taxes. – Luis V.

Partner with Fischer Services

If you refer your clients who need health insurance, we will handle all of the consultations and logistics to ensure your clients are covered. We will give you a referral fee and include you as a Top Referral for our clients who need tax assistance.

Working with Fischer Services has created more year round opportunities, allowing me to grow rapidly and bring in new customers. – Maria O.