Enrollment Platforms

Vital lifelines that have been provided to our agents to give them the tools they need to care for their clients. Agents can depend on these platforms to help with quick quoting and managing their book of business. There are multiple platforms agents have the options of using for ACA or Medicare products. 

Agent Resource Center

The Agent Resource Center (ARC) is home for your experienced and professional team specializing in sales, marketing, contracting, certifications, enrollments, compliance, commissions, and supplies. 



Health Insurance Store holds live trainings throughout the year to keep our agents informed and at the top of their game.  We hold trainings and webinars to cover topics such as: Medicare, ACA, LIS, Medicaid, Carrier and Product Specific Training, and many other topics. 


Our team will work with you to get you appointed with the carriers you choose or to transfer your existing appointments. With more than 30 carriers available, the contracting process can get complicated, that's why our team of experts are here to help! 


Marketing & Sales Support

Our team provides you with customized marketing materials for advertising, business cards, flyers, retention letters, and more! We assist you with T-65 campaigns, sales & educational seminars, and community events. We offer marketing site locations such as Walmart and much more! We mentor on personal branding, grassroots marketing, social media, and marketing guidelines. We offer incentives, bonuses, and marketing reimbursement to our agents as well!  


In this challenging health care environment, staying compliant is mandatory. Our dedicated team of compliance professionals are here to handle any complex health care questions that our agents come across. We keep up with the latest state guidelines and keep our agents informed and compliant with carriers policies and procedures.



Our Commissions team works diligently to ensure our agents are paid accordingly. We answer any questions or concerns that you may have regarding commission payments, chargebacks, or lost commissions from over thirty carriers on the Medicare or ACA/Marketplace side. 



Our Certifications team takes extra measures to ensure that our agents have met all necessary requirements to be certified to sell! We provide our agents with instructions on how to complete their online trainings, verify completion with the carrier and offer specialized education when needed. 



Our supplies team is well equipped with everything an agent needs to write their business! We are well stocked with all major health plan information. From flyers to health information booklets, we will have you prepared to write your clients!